Installing Downloaded Vue.js+Laravel Panel

Installation Commands

After unarchiving the ZIP file into the folder you prepared for your project, here's a sequence of Terminal commands you need to run (short version):

cp .env.example .env
vi .env

composer install

php artisan key:generate

php artisan migrate --seed

npm install
npm run dev

We have a much more detailed guide for non-Vue Laravel version of QuickAdminPanel: Download Code and Install on Your Web-Server. Most of that guide is applicable for Vue version, but additionally, you need to run Vue-related commands:

npm install
npm run dev

Configuring Laravel Sanctum Domains

We're using Laravel Sanctum for API Authentication.

So, if your URL for the project is NOT http://localhost, then add your domain into .env file variable SANCTUM_STATEFUL_DOMAINS



Important: that myproject.test value should NOT contain any prefixes, and should be lowercase. So not http://myproject.test, and not MyProject.test

Read more about Laravel Sanctum domains in the official Laravel documentation.

Launching Project

If it's all successful, you should launch the homepage and see a login screen:

Default credentials: - Email: - Pass: password

After login, you can browse through menu items and you should see datatables like this one:

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