Multi-language Projects

QuickAdminPanel uses Laravel localization system out-of-the-box, with all translations generated in "resources/lang" folder and sub-folder for each language.

How to Choose Primary Language

You can choose the main language you want when creating the panel:
Later you can change main language in Settings.

How to Add Multiple Languages

If you want to have multi-language system, in Settings please specify all the languages you want.
Then in downloaded panel you will have a language switcher dropdown in top-right corner.

Who is Responsible for Translating?

Translations for all languages are performed by the community, any customer can go to Settings -> Manage translations and edit their own language(s), we don't guarantee the correct translations.
If you want to add a new language, which is not in the list, contact us via live-chat or email [email protected], and we will add it.

What About Translations for Models?

Finally, if you want to have your Models translated with forms in several languages, QuickAdminPanel doesn't support that out-of-the-box. But we've written a detailed article/instruction how to easily install Laravel Translatable package for that.